Senior Primary

The outcomes we are aiming for during this phase of the learner’s development is an increased sense of wellbeing, self-confidence, productivity, motivation, stress management and improved interpersonal skills.

During the journey from Grade 4 to Grade 7, learners are actively engaged in exploring the various additional learning opportunities available, such as, LEGO® Robotics and Mobile Application Development.

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Extra Mural Activities

At Canaan College, we support a wide range of activities, from app development and robotics to sport and cultural to ensure character
development and confidence in all spheres.

Relationship building

Relationship building is the foundation of our educators approach to care and love for every learner in our care. Our educators are tuned in to the needs of the learners and guide them with love and passion to develop amongst others, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial thought, inter personal skills and find a deep sense of knowing who they are. We care by expecting the best of each learner.

These expectations include making students responsible for utilizing learning strategies, exerting effort, and seeking new challenges. Overall our educators SHOW they care and that makes a world of difference to a learners emotional wellbeing and willingness to take on challenges beyond their capabilities.

Reasons to choose Canaan College

In addition to providing academic opportunities beyond the curriculum, Canaan College has modern facilities and
a culture where learners can flourish mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


All learners are actively encouraged to participate in sports, and they can choose from athletics, basketball chess, cricket, netball, rugby, and soccer


Learners are exposed to the performing arts, which combined with pastoral care enable an environment for personal development and character building.

Academic Facilities

The school is equipped with modern classrooms, computer labs, media centres, and specialist classrooms for science, robotics and app development.

Other Facilities

Learners have access to the school tuck shop, school hall, and multiple play areas. Aftercare is also provided by Sherpa Kids.

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