Continued Learning at Canaan College

Canaan College upgrades its online offering to Google Classrooom

Canaan College 22 April 2020
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Continued Learning at Canaan College

We know that the education of your child is of paramount importance to you. We are privileged to have been entrusted with providing education to your child. During this difficult time and going forward we will continue to deliver education to your child. 

As you are aware school has continued for the past three weeks. To improve our delivery the following approach is being implemented so that schooling can continue even if schools remain in lockdown:

Google Classrooms will be the platform used for digital teaching and learning.

• Some educators are already using this.

• D6 and WhatsApp will remain a way to communicate with parents.

• Canaan College has been registered with Google Classrooms and roll out is commencing with core teacher training occurring from Friday and into next week. After this parents/ learner will receive instructions how to load Google Classroom onto their device.

• Google Classroom is FREE for parents and learners.

Content for teaching and learning 

• Textbooks, work sheets, materials, exercises and assessment, and educator instructions will be loaded onto Google Classrooms over the next few weeks.

• Many additional school resources and websites are available FREE. We will send a separate letter listing such websites.